USRP2 Reception Problem

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USRP2 Reception Problem

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Re: USRP2 Reception Problem

Josh Blum-3

On 09/26/2012 01:52 AM, Bilal wrote:

> I m using USRP2,I have configured usrp2 and tested
> uhd_usrp_probe,uhd_siggen_gui and uhd_fft all works fine.
> Now i want to make my own program like uhd_fft but there is a problem that
> the terminal prompt returns right after i execute the program with
> notification
> root@aqs-desktop:/home/aqs/Desktop# python my_uhd_fft.py
> linux; GNU C++ version 4.4.3; Boost_104000; UHD_003.004.003-224-gc2e197c0
> root@aqs-desktop:/home/aqs/Desktop#
> my_uhd_fft.py program is:
> from gnuradio import uhd
> from gnuradio import gr
> from gnuradio.wxgui import stdgui2,fftsink2
> import wx
> class top_block(stdgui2.std_top_block):
> def __init__(self):
> self.addr=uhd.device_addr()
> self.u = uhd.usrp_source(self.addr,\
> uhd.io_type.COMPLEX_FLOAT32, 1)
> self.u.set_samp_rate(40000000)
> self.scope = fftsink2.fft_sink_c (panel, \
> 512, 40000000)
> self.connect(self.u, self.scope)
> if __name__ == '__main__()':
> app = stdgui2.stdapp(top_block,"FFT",nstatus=1)
> app.MainLoop()

I'm not 100% positive that the flow graph is actually started in this
case. I highly recommend that you put a similar application together in
GRC with USRP source and WX scope sink block. You will get nicely
generated code too!


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