Signal generator power receiving issue

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Signal generator power receiving issue

Jahnavendra Mattipa
Hello all,
    I have to receive the Satellite data through the antenna and it is a secondary thing. Before going to check the satellite data i have to check the signal generator because they both are doing same processing. So, i recently test the signal generator power  using the USRP. Here i am getting one issue is that when i giving -40dB gain value to the USRP from the signal generator  the wave is showing the received data is -36dB. One more signal is -63dB and i am receiving the -39dB. There is a small difference between receiving data when compared to input data.
       I have to know what is the USRP gain and how it is processing the signal generator or satellite data? I am giving the some power from signal generator and what happens if i change the gain in "USRP Source"?  I noted the data from -110dB to +110dB and the receiving data is not changing from -110dB to 0dB, it is changing from 0dB to 50dB. The same process is continued for -63dB also.
       Can anyone kindly help me to solve this issue!  If anyone has advices and comments, they would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

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