Radar application using UHD HELP

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Radar application using UHD HELP

Hi there,
I'm really new to USRP and GNURADIO world, so please you got to be patient.
I have a few questions about UHD.
I've successfully installed GnuRadio and UHD on Ubuntu 13.04 (wich i'm new too). I want to give the USRP a radar application at 30-55 MHz and found out that there's an old package that uses the usrp package for that. As long i'm using a N210 USRP my question is can i use the usrp package on my N210? If not, what changes do i have to do so i can still use the package?

On radar_mono.py i've noticed that the usrp uses a lot of functions that UHD doesn't use like:
"usrp.selected_subdev(self._u, self._subdev_spec)"

And also, there's functions that usrp earns by heritage like "write_fpga_reg(FR_RADAR_TON, self._ton_ticks)" that UHD doesn't use and a lot more.

Please correct me if there's something wrong that i said, but i'm really new.

Thanks alot in advance
Best Reagards,
António Gomes, Lisbon, Portugal