GNU Radio Multithreading application issue

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GNU Radio Multithreading application issue

Hello list,

I have coded a top block flow graph which connect some custom modulator shared pointer to a USRP sink,
The question is that apart from the thread that is being run when calling tb->start, I would like to have running in the background either a daemon-like process which access a (static variable) queue member of the modulator class or a thread which can be detached.

I tried a lot of codes but unsuccessfully, when I try to test the whole flow graph working I realise (by some printf) that the code is executing the core of the modulator work only once (the top block process) wherever the other thread (called after tb->start) is being executed continuously (inside while loop).

Sorry if the question seems so confusing, but to be clear I like to know how can the
            * modulator connected to usrp sink
and the  * thread called after tb->start         be executed simultaneously (multithreaded)

I tried to implement a daemon from inside the modulator core but did not succed to make it execute continuously,

BTW I referred to:
and also I tried to call: boost::thread t(boost::bind(foo,param1...))
                               t.detach();                                             ==> Unsucess

Tried many other ways but always the 'foo' is being executed only once.  
How can I have it execute alongsie of the top-block process running and reading and writing the same variable without conflict or seg fault or any other issue.

All explanations or hints are well appreciated,
Best regards,